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Olive Booth + Weddings = Memories

With wedding season nearly upon us, Olive Booth in Calgary can help to make your big day unforgettable.

While most of us have a camera phone within easy reach 24/7 these days, we don’t have the same access to printed photographs that the previous generation or our parents had. And we’re all familiar with the joy of poring over old photo albums and laughing at a younger you, friends and family. In future, will these photos be stuck on somebody’s obsolete iPhone or buried deep in the cloud?

The humble Photo Booth stretches back to the 1920s but has made a great resurgence in recent years. Photo booths have come a long way since then, and Olive Booth likes to keep up with all the latest trends.

We’re not just a photo booth... We help capture the wild, candid, scandalous and silly, and print them out or share the photos digitally within moments. We love nothing better than working with couples to match the theme of their wedding, from our custom interactive screens to your online gallery and custom prints, everything is tailored to our clients needs.

Olive Booth Calgary’s high-quality digital camera captures your photos, loads them to an online gallery, prints out professional quality prints and digital copies of photos that can be sent instantly by text or email.

A lot of the best wedding photos are taken after everyone has let their hair down and the inhibitions have already left for the evening. That’s where the ability to capture boomerangs and GIFS and have the photos sent straight to your phone for an easy upload to social media is invaluable. We’ve provided our services and enjoyed weddings from Calgary to the popular Rocky Mountains wedding destinations of Banff and Canmore.

So, fire up the old nostalgia machine, pour a glass of champagne, get your dancing shoes on, let your hair down and let Olive Photo Booth take care of capturing the memories. You’ll thank yourself while flicking through the photos years from now.

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